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Happy Monday friends and families. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Today we only had three friends. Mia, Ellie and Kaylee. This morning we sang along to our ‘Hello’ song and then practiced counting with our fingers along to ‘5 cheeky monkeys swinging in a tree’. It can be a bit tricky sometimes using our fingers to count. We counted down from 5 during the song and then practiced revealing one finger at a time to help us get use to moving our fingers, using hand eye coordination and our fine motor skills. Ellie was very excited to share her ‘Baby Animals’ book with the group.Ellie flipped through each page naming the animals. Afterwards, Ellie asked if we could look at baby animals on the computer. We found a short clip that taught us some of the names of baby animals such as Calf’s for Elephants, Infants for monkeys and cubs for tigers.

Before transitioning off to activity time I asked the children what they would like to do. Ellie said she wanted to paint, Kaylee asked to play in home corner and Mia asked for the doll house. I asked the girls what colours they would like to paint with and they chose Red (Ellie), Green (Mia) and Blue (Kaylee). We added a bit of glue into each paint so that they could stick some collage on too. On the other table we borrowed the office wooden doll house. This particular group of children absolutely love role playing and using their imagination to tell stories, so they absolutely loved this experience. The group explored the amazing three leveled wooden house, interacting positively with each other while playing with the swings and using the furniture to play with their family figurines. Children’s voice:

Mia- 1, 2, 3! What happened?

Ellie- I hit my hand

Mia- I’ll get a bandaid. Wah, Wah!

Ellie- What’s wrong?

Mia- My shoes hurt. I’m going up stairs!

Ellie- Come up here and see your mum

Kaylee- Come over here. I got you!

The group also enjoyed using the play phones in the home corner area, calling each other by saying “ring ring, ring ring”. Children’s voice:

Kaylee- Ring ring. Hello? You come to my house?

Mia- Hello, not yet. Put babies nappy one.

Have a great afternoon

P.S I will be placing the October Newsletter in your child’s bag today

Miss TJ