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Hello Senior Kindy,

Today we welcomed Goku, Zilo, Lincoln, Luca, Rumi, Banjo, Archie, Kezia, Poppy, Dominic, and today we welcomed our new friend Hudson. Due to the rain, we spent the morning indoors where we did some drawing using pencils, we did some puzzles, played with the dinosaurs and read stories with Miss Dominique. When Miss Bec arrived, we had a dance party as we are all showing great interest in music. `The children have a specific interest in “animal freeze song:, where they move around as different animals, and when the music says “freeze”, the children freeze. Morning tea then came, where we sat at the tables. The children are really starting to have conversations amongst themselves, it is just beautiful to see!

After morning tea, Miss Bec brought in some colourful pasta that she had prepared. This week, our weekly theme is “sensory play”. Today we used the sensory skills with pasta, feeling the different texture with our fingers. We then made it a little more challenging where we added in some chopstick tongs. The children took turns at using the tongs to attempt to pick up the different coloured pasta. Miss Bec would say “pick up the blue one” for example, the child would locate a blue pasta and use the tongs to move it from the container to a plate. This activity used the children’s sensory skills, their colour recognition skills, their hand eye coordination and their fine motor skills. The children got to enjoy themselves while learning and  developing skills! It was then time for yoga, where Miss Hayley helped us stretch our bodies, breathe peacefully and learn about our  feelings. We then headed outdoors while we had a little bit of sunshine that we had today! It was perfect timing for the children to get out some energy before it was time to come inside for lunch and rest.

We have had a beautiful start to the week.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aalliyah xx