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Good Afternoon

Zahra was very excited to welcome back some of our friends today, who have been a bit unwell the past week.

This morning at group time we sang along to our ‘Hello’ song and then Miss TJ read ‘The Gruffalo’ story using the paper characters and backdrop. Zander and Asher knew the story very well and were even finishing off some of Miss TJ’s sentence. They loved the visual of using the paper character cut outs while reading through the story so much that we extended on the experience by placing it on the table for activity time. Zander really enjoyed this activity, acting our some of the characters and using lines from the story. He said “A mouse took a stroll in the deep dark woods. A fox saw a mouse and the mouse looked good. I hear who, in the trees ahead”. Great job Zander!

Our new friend Lily showed off her Fire fighter costume for our dress up day today which is ‘Dress up as an Emergency service worker’ in support of our Fire fighters doing an amazing job with our local fires. This encouraged a lot of our friends to find costumes in our home corner and dress up. Ellie was ‘Anna’ from Frozen, Zahra said she was a “Pirate Doctor” and Zander was a Doctor.

In home corner they played in their dress ups and explored our new coffee play machine and tea set. Ellie was strategically placing the tea set on the mat and said “I’ve set up the garden. There’s some ice cream, coffee or some banana”.

Lily asked if she could play with the puzzles and do a drawing. She grabbed out the crayons and began using her imagination. When I asked her what she was drawing she said, “Look I made a fire”.

Asher was very fascinated by our new Bug/insect investigation area set up on the grass sensory blocks with a three-tiered mirror. Asher was using the natural materials to make a circle around the bugs/insects and said “I’m making a house. This one’s the daddy one, this one’s the mummy one and this one’s the baby one. The dragon fly”.

Before lunch we ventured off outside under the fort to play in the sand. It was so nice taking our shoes off and feeling the nice cool sand between our toes. Lily was making tea for everyone at the table pouring sand out of a kettle into cups. Zahra and Ellie had fun jumping on the swings and holding on tight till they let go, falling into the sand gently. Zander and Asher worked together to fill up the sand wheel and watch the sand turn the wheel, then landing onto the table.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend

Reminder: Class photos are this THURSDAY and FRIDAY

Miss TJ