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Happy Monday!

What a beautiful morning we had playing outside together. It was very exciting having Asher and Zander here for a Monday. This morning Kaylee and Ellie started to build together using the big blocks. They decided to make a castle and a bridge. Working as a team to communicate where the blocks should go. Asher and Zander soon joined the girls to add more blocks to the design and then Asher found a ball to roll down the ramp. For morning tea we had a picnic under the shade of the tree. We were all talking about the hailstorm that visited our homes yesterday while we ate the delicious fruit and muesli pizza. Children’s voice:

Ellie- They melt when it was sunny

Kaylee- The rain go on the fire

Zander- I picked one up and it was cold. All the ice came down and went into our fridge.

Asher- I was picking them up

Since the children have been enjoying our small world play with the fairies, doll house and animals we gave the children the opportunity to play with the animals in the garden. Having a new environment to explore and build on the play is great! The children investigated the garden and were using the bark, leaves and trees to play in with the animals. Children’s voice:

Ellie- Oh no! I’m stuck.

Zander- I’ll help you

Asher- Num, num, num. Dinosaurs eat leaves.

The group then had an extra play in the warm sunshine riding the bikes, swinging on the swing and playing a game of catch me. Kaylee said to Ellie, “You can’t catch me”.

Once inside we had a group time on the mat. Asher and Zander shared their adventures with Bob the Sloth last weekend. It looks like they had a blast. Asher and Zander took Bob to the beach, the park and even made red and green vanilla cupcakes. The two were very confident and excited to share their stories. Well done!

It was then time to have a play in the room. The children chose bubble painting, felt stories and cooking and dressing up in the home corner.

Just before lunch we read together on the book mat calming down our bodies ready for our rest.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Miss TJ