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 Welcome to another week in the Senior Kindy room with Miss TJ and Mr G!

We officially welcome Mr G, as our assistant educator in the room. The children have quickly warmed to Mr G and were excited to play with him today. The children were very happy this morning as we got to have a play outside in the grass section of the playground since the other half of the yard is still under construction. It was great to spend time with the other children from the older classrooms, running around and exploring together. The experiences our Senior Kindy children enjoyed this morning were climbing over and balancing along the obstacle course, building with the dominos, chasing each other around the space and reading some new stories.

After a big run around the children were ready to come inside to the cool room. The children had some down time cooling off and reading quietly on the mat together. We had a group time together on the mat where we introduced our names and told everyone our favourite colour. Mr G and Miss TJ were very impressed with the children being so confident to talk in front of the group. We sang our ‘Hello’ song very well before making our way to explore the room.

Milly asked if we could do some painting this morning. We asked the children what paint colours we should include. Milly, Ayla and Hendrix said PINK, Macy and Rosie both agreed with BLUE and Tate asked for GREEN. Great choices. We placed large sheets of paper onto an easel and added our chosen paint colours. Mr G made an awesome train track on the floor which the children absolutely loved. We have noticed that this group really enjoys playing with vehicles, cars and anything on wheels. On the tables the children enjoyed a construction activity using their imagination to create. Ayla said she was making “a castle” and Tate we making moto sounds while moving around his creation. The puzzles and the felt story boards were also very popular today at the tables.

We had a surprise visitor! It was Hayley, our Yoga teacher. Senior Kindy joined Hayley on the mat to begin an awesome class of stretching and focusing on calming our bodies down and controlling our breathing. The group were amazing listeners and took on Hayley’s instructions very well.

 We read ‘The Ugly Duckling’, chosen by Tate before transitioning off to lunch and a big rest after our busy weekends.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy your day further.

Miss TJ and Mr G