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Happy “Magnificent Monday” Senior Kindy Families,

Welcome back Senior Kindy Friends and Families! We first began our morning in the outdoors as we awaited for our class peers to arrive. During this time our children found  in enjoyment in riding bicycles along the bike track, swinging on the swing and playing basketball. Once morning tea arrived, we created our Choo-choo train to transition indoors for morning circle time and morning tea. During morning tea and circle time we said our good mornings to Lincoln W, Lincoln N, Rumi, Aria, Toby, Rosie, Brayden, Banjo, Dominic, Nayla, Hudson, Luca, Kezia, Henry, Poppy, Archie and Zilo. We welcomed Miss Aaliyah, Miss Jade and welcomed back Miss Tayla. For circle-time today, Miss Aaliyah asked for each child to come forward to guess the picture on a puzzle-piece that Miss Aaliyah held. Once the child guessed the picture on the puzzle-piece, the child then had to find the correct letter that started with the picture. For eg. “Hudson could you please tell me what picture is on the puzzle piece?” Hudson then responded with ‘An apple”. Miss Aaliyah then asked “What letter starts with apple?” Hudson would then go to the table to connect the letter A with the picture of the apple, soon after he would wash his hands for morning tea. This was a continuing experience for all children, once each student matched the correct puzzle-piece letter, they would make their way to the bathroom to wash their hands for morning tea.

Just after morning tea had completed, Miss Aaliyah brought in new experiences for this coming week. For today’s experience as a follow-up from this morning’s alphabet puzzle matching, Senior Kindy created alphabet soup. To do this, Miss Aaliyah brought in miniature chef hats, aprons and gloves for our children to wear to become chefs that are cooking the soup. We first started off by grabbing a gigantic soup pot, filled it up with water and alphabet magnets. One by one, each child had a turn at wearing the chef costume, stirring the pot and scooping out a letter from the alphabet. Once an alphabet had been scooped out, Miss Aaliyah would ask the children two questions: What letter did we scoop from the pot? and “What words start with this letter?”. Our children were extremely engaged with this experience as they not only got a small introduction to letter recognition but had the opportunity to bring their characters to life by wearing costumes and physically becoming chefs. This activity further stimulated their letter recognition, allowed them to participate in group social experiences whilst being apart of role play and further extending their imagination and curiosity. Whilst our alphabet soup was being made, our children sat down with Miss Jade and Miss Tayla to complete table-top experiences such as play-dough and free drawing. Our children absolutely love free drawing as it allows our children to become imaginative and creative. While play-dough further extends their fine motor skills along with them enjoying sensory play.

Overall, we have had such a wonderful Monday and we look forward to an even more joyful week. We look forward to seeing you next time.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Aaliyah, Miss Tayla and Miss Jade x