Hello families,

Welcome back to another week in the Senior Kindy room! We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable weekend 😊

To start off this beautiful day we played amongst our favorite place, our yard! We did some pedaling on our 3-wheeler bikes, climbing/sliding on the mountain, some of us were cooking in our outdoor kitchen with sand, water and bark, and others enjoyed some sensory play with diggers, shovels, buckets and sand sifters. We love spending our mornings outside with all our friends!

When transitioning inside, we said our Acknowledgment to Country, welcomed one another and sang our Good morning songs ‘Hello, how are you?’ with Miss Tatyana. Following that, we sang our ‘We wash our hands each morning’ and ‘5 fat sausages’ to transition and get ready to wash our hands for morning tea.

We then enjoyed some inside play collaging using some recycled materials and collage paper. We also did some imaginative role play with the recycled containers and boxes. It was very interesting to see how their little minds run wild! There was also some construction play with our coloured blocks and practiced our drawing skills on the chalkboards.

Before lunch and rest time, we sat on the mat for our daily group time. We sang some of our favorite songs and performed some fun actions! We also did some yoga before Miss Kate read us a different book today called ‘In the bin’. The story was about the different products, materials and foods and where they may go when we are done with them. It teaches us lots about recycling, which is a topic we will be focused on for this week!

NOTE – Hi Families, please bring along any clean recycled items from home so we can continue to learn about the importance of recycling and use them for craft too!  Thanks in advance Senior Kindy families!

We have had a very happy day and a great to the new week! Thank you everyone for a Marvelous Monday 😊 We look forward to what the rest of the week has to offer!

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Kate