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Hello Senior Kindy

This morning we welcomed Rania, Dominic, Luca, Parker, Goku, Archie, banjo, Rumi, Poppy, Kezia, Zilo, Alanis and Lincoln into the yard. The children spent the morning. Combined with pre kindy and kindergarten children, building towers with the building blocks, climbing on the obstacle course and the ropes, rolling and throwing the hula hoops and bean bags, and some of us even used the balancing steps.
Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors where we sat down for group time. We read “we are going on a bear hunt” and “somewhere in Australia” before singing I had a tiny turtle and bee bee bumble bee.
After morning tea, the children had a chance to participate in spray bottle paining, where they used the spray bottle to spray the paint all over the page. We then set up indoor/outdoor experiences, Miss Jade took some of the children outdoors where they went on a bear hunt, Miss Bec then had some of the children indoors where we did some painting, the table was covered in paper so the children were free to paint all over. The children also enjoyed the dinosaur stand today, role playing with the different shapes dinosaurs. It was then time for yoga, where we stretched and warmed up our bodies, relaxed and listened to some calming music.

Happy Monday!
Miss Bec and Miss Jade xx