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Happy Monday and welcome Ellie to the Senior Kindy room!

This morning Ellie met her new teacher, Miss TJ. It was so exciting running around the Ellie’s new big playground and meeting some new friends. Once inside Ellie had a big smile on her face as she explored her kindy room. Miss TJ and Ellie worked together to roll out the play dough and then cut the strips of the dough into small pieces using some scissors. Great job at holding the scissors Ellie!

Then we were off venturing in our room playing with the felt story boards, drawing with crayons using mostly warm colours and taking care of our baby dolls in the home corner. Before lunch Ellie went next door to the pre kindy room to listen to Miss Donna’s group time where the children counted to 10 and then Miss Donna read “Never ask a Dinosaur over for dinner”.

Ellie, we hope you have had a lovely day in your new room. We look forward to more of our friends coming down during the week. Miss TJ had so much fun playing with you and can’t wait to get to know you more.

Have a great afternoon