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Happy Monday! Only 2 more sleeps until Christmas!

It was only a small class of just Ellie, Ayla and Miss TJ to start off the Christmas week. Ellie asked very kindly if we could play with Goop today as she said “Goop is my favourite”. Ellie also suggested we play ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ song while playing.  We made a fresh bowl of red goop making sure to wear an art shirt while exploring the messy activity. Ellie had a turn first grabbing the goop and dribbling it down back into the bowl. Ayla was very curious about the goop and was very excited for her first turn at playing with the gooey substance. Ayla was pinching it between her fingers and slowly dipped her hands in more and more with a big smile on her face. Ayla also asked if we could do some drawing. Today we grabbed the new chalk pastels to draw with which were lots of fun using the tips of the chalk and shading the paper by laying the chalk down and pushing it across the page.

Miss TJ painted the girls faces with white paint and glitter, turning them into snow princesses! They look beautiful.

We have a new train track set with trains, buildings, tunnels and bridges. We worked together to complete the track and add decorations such as wooden trees and buildings. Ellie and Ayla both pushed their trains in opposite directions and laughed so much when their trains met in the middle. Ellie chose ‘The Gruffalo’ as our group time story before the girls got a surprise! Miss TJ brought in some yogurt ice creams as a treat to have for their last week at kindy for the year.

Hope you all had a lovely start to the week! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our last day of the year. Reminder that we are closing at 2pm tomorrow.

Miss TJ