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Happy Monday Friends and Families 😊

-Positivity always wins…always-

We welcome a new friend to our classroom, Luna 😊 Luna was amazing on her first day. So brave and confident to talk to her new friends. The children had a lovely morning play in the cooler weather. Some friends joined Miss TJ in the treehouse reading a story called ‘Let’s all creep through crocodile creek’. Emerson and Hendrix loved the construction activity on the picnic table where they worked together with Miss TJ to build “Homes for the animals”, Hendrix said.

We came inside for a few learning experiences before we were going to head back outside to stay out in the fresh air. Senior Kindy walked over to the mat, calling Luna over to joined them in reading some stories. Luna introduced herself and then the class friends told Luna their name. We then made our way to our activities. Last week we set up an investigation table for our bugs and insect exploring. The children explored the table using the magnifying glasses to spot the insect/bugs and were having discussions about the name of the insect and what they know about them. Children’s voice:

Emerson- “See, a yellow worm”

Hendrix- “I’m looking for a caterpillar”

Rosie- “Look a spider”

Macy and Luna had a lovely interaction at the doll house play. The two were working together to tell a story and role play with the wooden family dolls. Children’s conversation:

Luna- “Sweetie, it’s time to go home. Okay Mumma”

Macy- “Don’t be sacred, I will hold your hand. Hello brother, hello sister”

Luna- Hello. I’m tired,

Luna- “Let’s play together. I can be the mum. “

Macy- Yeah let’s play together. I can be the grandmother”

On another table we seed pods with earthy colours such as brown, black, yellow and red, using paint brushes. Hendrix said that the seed pods looked like caterpillars. Once they are dry we thought we could add googly eyes on our painted seed pods to turn them into caterpillars.

We had a lovely play in the sand pit and running around the yard before another group time and lunch. Hendrix and Emerson were having a discussion on today being “Friday”. Miss TJ told the two that today was Monday and then we still have a few more days before Friday. Extending on the conversation we learnt a new song at group time called ‘Days of the week’ where we learn the names and order of the days along to the Addams Family theme song tune.

Hope you all have a great afternoon 😊

P.s Look how cute they are sleeping after a big play

Miss TJ x