Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Welcome back to our friend Kaylee who has been on holidays for the past week. When I asked Kaylee how her holidays were, she replied “I went in the car and played with Dora and Swiper”. Today we celebrated International Fairy Tea Party Day. Miss TJ came in her rainbow fairy wings and greeted the children in the yard. Ellie said “You’re the tooth fairy. You take the tooth and you put the money on the shelf. Once inside at the group time mat Miss TJ explained all the fun and exciting experiences we had planned for the day. Mia, Ellie and Kaylee had big smiles on their faces and were really keen to start. We read Ellie’s special book from home, Thelma the unicorn and then made our way to the tables. On one table we had star cut outs to decorate with our coloured pens. We also had a sand tray treasure hunt game where we had to find the Fairies missing treasure beneath the sand. This is an extension off Kaylee’s interest in finding treasure in the sand pit the other day. The group loved this game and were really excited when they found a treasure piece. Children’s voice:

Ellie- Look I found another one right now. I found a triangle. Look Mia! Can you help me find it?

Mia- Yeah! Wow! I can’t find it

Kaylee- I found three. Oh treasure! A green

The group used green, pink and blue icing and coloured sprinkles to decorate their own arrowroot biscuits for our Fairy tea party. Each child was very focused, using a steady hand to drizzle the icing over the biscuit and carefully placing the sprinkles on top. They turned out great! The children couldn’t wait to eat them!

To get into the Fairy spirit Miss TJ painted the children’s faces with the fairy theme in mind. Kaylee, Mia and Ellie all ran over to the mirror to check out their faces when it was all finished. We put on fairy music and shared Miss TJ’s fairy wings as we danced around. Miss TJ even found special Fairy dust to sprinkle over our arms so that we could fly!

We set up a tea party outside under the shade with the tea set, our lunch and our water bottles. The group enjoyed passing each other the tea pot, pouring each other some tea, eating our scrumptious lunch and then enjoying the delicious cookies that we made. Children’s voice:

Kaylee- Tea? Tea? More Tea?

Ellie- Me!

Mia- I want Tea

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ