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Welcome to Monday’s blog

Today the children shared some really amazing moments together and were really engaged in our learning experiences planned for the day.

As the weather was overcast, we did spend the day inside enjoying each other’s company. We sat together on the mat singing the ‘Hello’ song loud and proud before counting to 10 together, using our fingers to help us. We transitioned off to activity with the children going in small groups to explore the table experiences first. Over the weekend Miss TJ found an awesome Farm set up with farm animals, a big barn and other props. The children took turns in pairs to explore the farm small world table with grass and the grass cube too. It was a great opportunity for the children to interact with one another and use their imagination to role play stories.

Our fine motor activity for the week is focusing on using scissors. How to hold them, the rules when using the scissors and learning how to cut. We put the pink play dough out with the scissors for the children to firstly get the hand of holding the scissors and learning the technique of opening and closing the scissors. Mr G was there with the children teaching them to be very careful of their fingers and helped them learn the scissor grip. On the last activity table, the children practiced another fine motor experience using the pegs again. This time the children played a colour matching game. They matched the colour of the peg to the coloured paper, clipping it onto the correct paper. At the end we encouraged the children to again practice their numeracy skills by counting how many pegs that put on their chosen coloured paper. A few times we did need the children to slow down with their counting, but once we slowed down our counting we pointed to each peg and go it. Well done Senior Kindy! A few children then ventured over to the big mat where they set up the plank over the grass cube and raced the cars down.

Miss TJ grabbed a couple of the children to do a LEARNING GAME which is a one on one learning experience with the children. Today we played ‘WHAT’S GONE’ which was a game where the children learnt how to pair or match pictures. They had so much fun having some one on one time and really enjoyed the game.

It was then time for YOGA. Senior Kindy screamed with excitement saying, “Yay Yoga!”. We had a lovely lesson which helped us calm our bodies down before Lunch/rest time. Back in the classroom Ayla chose a story called ‘I love my Daddy’ which we read as a group while practicing our belly breathing.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G