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Happy Sunny Monday Families and Friends 🙂
Very warm welcome to our Senior Kindy friends – In our own team today we have Lachlan – Bjorn – Christopher and Luna.

We started the morning today by enjoying the sunshine in the playground with our friends from Pre kindergarten and Kindergarten. In our free play time in the yard Luna decide to grab a watering-can and pretend she was watering the plants – Lachlan and Bjorn decided to explore the sand pit with trucks and diggers – Christopher was curious about little stones that he found in the sand – It Is very lovely to see the children exploring their own self selective toys and games. After all this big play outside, our friends got hungry and we decided to come inside for a little relaxation time and morning tea. After morning tea time our little friends could not wait to explore our room and the learning environments with curiosity, confidence, and independence.

At group time Christopher and Luna picked books for us to read together – Christopher picked a book about animals and Luna chose a book about babies –  The children sat down on the mat and listened carefully to both stories. They loved the story about this baby and all of his routine’s – In this book the baby had more fun when it was bath time- Extending our friends’ Interest for babies Miss Gabi decided to explore it and set up sensory play with water.
Under the warm sun in the yard Miss Gabi set up a washing station with babies – In a big bowl Miss Gabi filled it with warm water – natural soup (to make bubbles) and cloths-  after it was all set up we invited our friends to play together.  It was a great time and all our friend’s enjoyed – shampooing the baby’s hair (Luna’s idea)  – scrubbing the arms, legs and feet (Lachlan said his baby was too dirty )  and also drying out the little baby doll’s – (Christopher’s favorite part). Promoting a baby doll’s learning experience with children is a great opportunity to develop their cognitive, fine motor, and self help skills, and social – emotional skills as well as having fun with water play .  🙂 They absolutely loved washing the baby dolls.
Once we finished washing the baby dolls we decided to stay outside exploring the environment during the rest of our morning. Then Lachlan decided to stay near the water and wash all the dinosaur toys – Luna and Christopher decided to go and play with sea animals in the sand pit with mud and Bjorn chose to play with trucks and loved sliding down in the grass.

Was a wonderful morning in our Senior Kindy Classroom!!!

This afternoon we are planning to adventure around the room before they have some yummy afternoon tea and head outside for a lovely play in the nice and cold breeze.

Check out the photos

With Love xx

Miss Gabi