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Good afternoon Senior Kindy families and friends. Our weather is so beautiful that after eating our very healthy morning tea, we re applied sunscreen, put on our hats and ventured back outdoors. Here we engaged in some fun activities. Lachlan discovered the textas and colored paper on the table and chose to draw a picture of a car. He also enjoyed swinging on the swing with his new friend Luna, as they chatted about the cars going up the road, when they spotted a big fire truck going past they got  very excited to see it had  its lights all flashing as it drove down the street. Luna also chose to play near our rock pools and stomp in the water with her boots, and then with her bare feet as she followed her friends along the creek bed.

When we came back inside both Lachaln and Luna did some Mothers Day craft after choosing which colors they would like to use and helping to mix the paints. Such great helpers. Our yarn time story today was chosen by Lachlan when he spotted  “Brown Bear Brown Bear” on the bookshelf. Both Luna and Lachlan enjoyed listening to Miss Lyn reading the story and also helping her read it. Luna also chose a book called “Ten Tricky Dinosaurs” which is a rhyming and counting book. We have enjoyed our day and hope you enjoy reading about it. See you all again tomorrow.

Love from Miss Lyn, Lachan and Luna xxx