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Hello friends and families,

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Nayla, Toby, Dominic, Luca, Archie, Orion, Henry, Banjo, Lincoln, Aria, Rumi, Poppy, Kezia and Zilo. Our friends spent their morning in the yard building towers, exploring the garden, building sandcastles and riding bikes. Once all of our friends had arrived, we lined up in our choo choo train and came inside for morning tea.
After morning tea, we sat on the mat with Miss Bec, who read to us “Possum Magic’. We then spoke about our weekends. Poppy saw a car race at Movie world, Hudson saw “the baddies” at Movie world, Archie went to the park with his mum and Dominic went to Dreamworld. Recalling events is a developmental milestone for children at this age, even if it isnt the full truth.

We then hopped to the tables, where we sat down for activities. Today, Miss Bec planned a “sink or float” experiment. The children gathered around the table, where they placed different objects into the blue water. Before placing it into the water, we guessed whether it would sink or float. Our friends did so well at this and were able to understand the concept of sinking and floating, heavy and light. The children then spotted the shaving cream in the prep room, so we did “raining cloud” experiment. We have done this before, so we knew the children would be intrigued. The children watched the blue food colouring seep through the shaving cream into the water, which then made a “raining cloud” effect.

Our friends then decided it was time to head outdoors for a play. Outdoors, the children engaged in free play in a variety of activities. Hudson, Dominic and Luca made “the floor is lava” and a boat in the sand pit. Archie enjoyed playing with kindergarten friends and pushing them around on the little swings. Poppy and Henry loved the bikes.

What a beautiful Monday

Miss Bec was certainly happy to be back, as she missed you all!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla xx

Note: we have a massive pile of socks that are on our shoe rack. Please have a look and see if any belong to you. On Friday, we will be taking the socks and donating them.