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Happy Monday families and friends…

What a fabulous day of fun, learning and play in the Senior Kindy room today. We started our day with our ‘Acknowledgment to Country’ and nursery rhyme songs of children’s choice including ABC, Miss Polly and Little Mousey Brown. The children  were then keen to engage in the variety of experiences provided at the table today. The children played in pairs as Lachlan and Connor utilised the plastic scissors to cut and manipulate the play dough. Miss Leesa helped the children make big long sausages with the dough and then the children sliced the sausages into small pieces like little ‘meatballs’. Myla and Luna made flat pancakes with their dough using the rolling pins and then utilised the wooden hammers to create patterns. Armin and Taran worked alongside each other as they drew pictures on the chalkboards. The children utilised a variety of colours as they drew circles and stripes. Christopher then joined in on the play dough play and made a birthday cake with candles for his friend Luna who turns ‘three’ tomorrow. All the children joined in and sang Happy Birthday. This week we will be focusing on engaging in  ‘real-life experiences’ due to the children’s on going interest with taking care of the baby dolls. So we will be giving the baby dolls a bubble bath, pretending to go grocery shopping, utilising the keyboards and phones to pretend we are working in an office and writing letters to place in envelopes to send in the mail.

Yarn time today we shared two lovely books chosen by Connor from the book shelf, entitled, ‘Digby the Littlest Duckling” and ‘Elmer and the Lost Teddy’. The children really enjoyed engaging and interacting as we read the stories and they shared their thoughts, ideas and opinions.  Other play experiences today included cooking and washing up in home corner, transport play, puzzle play and building castles with the magnetic tiles.

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa