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Welcome to December!

What a lovely Monday it was with only a small group of Ellie and Kaylee in the Senior Kindy room. The girls lined up at the classroom and told me that they wanted to play Anna and Elsa when we go inside.

Ellie grabbed the rainbow cape and Kaylee grabbed the tablecloth for me to wrap around them just like Elsa’s cape. We put on the Frozen soundtrack for them to twirl around and sing to.

The girls also participated in some Christmas painting where they used their fingers to dot paint lights on the chord. They had so much fun being able to use their fingers to paint that after the Christmas light painting, we grabbed big A3 pieces of paper for them to go all out on the finger painting. Ellie was enjoying mixing the colours together while Kaylee enjoyed doing handprints.

The children also played around the room role playing with the small animals at the grass table and decorating the felt Christmas trees. The girls also noticed that The Elf on the Shelf had arrived in our room and was hanging from the pot plant. Kaylee wanted to get it down, but we discussed that if we touch the Elf on the shelf that his magic will disappear.

We had Yoga with Miss Gabi up in the fort where we relaxed our bodies, practiced some new yoga poses and focused on our breathing.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ