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Happy Monday. We hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

What a lovely morning play it was outside doing some painting on the easels, relaxing on the big swing, following each other around on the bikes, drawing over at the garden and washing baby dolls in soapy water, using cloths. When we came inside the group went straight over to the mat working together to build a train track. Miss TJ and Mr G stood back observation the interactions and assisting the children when they need help. The group then used the trains to ride along the track and were using their surroundings as the track too. For morning tea the children absolutely loved that we had smiley faces on our crackers using bananas for the eyes, blueberries for the nose and apples for the mouth. What a great job to our lovely chef Miss Kerri. We transitioned to a group time where we asked the children what they did on the weekend. Some of our friends were excited to share their adventures:

Ayla- “I went to the beach and built sandcastles”

Zachary- “I saw dinosaurs”

Hendrix- “I went on a little boat”

Rosie- “my mummy work”

Emerson-” I went to the beach I saw dolphins at the beach”

Tate- “Daddys things”

We then continued our numeracy practice by singing along to some counting songs. The children practiced counting their fingers and toes a long to the songs. We sang ’10 little dinosaurs’ and ‘How many fingers on my hands’. We are getting so good at our counting! Before making our way to activity time we read a story called, ‘We paint the world with colour’ which was a lovely story following on from our self portrait drawings the other week and our learning on the different cultures around the world through our culture morning song and looking at our diversity forms on the wall. The book focused on diversity. Through out the book we learnt that everyone has different coloured eyes, skin, hair etc. ‘It doesn’t matter what we look like, what shape or size or colour, we are all beautiful in our own way’.   Thank you to all the families who handed back our ‘Diversity is our strength’ form where we share our cultures.

The children have really been enjoying the small world animal play so we put the farm set on the table with the three sided mirror behind to create a different play space. Senior Kindy took turns at role playing with a partner and with the animals. We made a fresh batch of play dough and added sculpting tools, rolling bins, cookie cutters and a bunch of natural items. The children were very engaged in the play dough using their imagination to create and exploring with their senses. Hendrix asked very kindly if we could use the scissors again, “cutting newspaper”. This was another activity where the children were focused and engaged in the experience. A few friends needed help to start holding the scissors correctly, but once shown they were cutting very well. We focused on having our thumb on the top and our elbows by our sides.

Yoga with Miss Hayley was amazing for our bodies. We are learning and doing an awesome job at our breathing and calming our bodies down. We played ‘Sleeping bunnies’ and pretended to be different animals doing poses for each animal.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G