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Hello Riversdale families,

Happy Monday and Welcome to a brand new week! We can’t believe that it’s already November; we cant wait to see what this month has to offer for Senior Kindy 🙂

Today as we came inside, we had our morning group time, sang our morning songs while Miss Dom kindly read us a story before morning tea time.

We then enjoyed some fun indoor play and loved being engaged especially in our puzzles and magnets. They loved using their cognitive skills today 🙂 There was also lots of reading of our books and role playing with our shopping trolleys and food in home corner!

Soon after we got to participate in our weekly Yoga lesson and had lots of enthusiasm and contribution in Yoga today, well done friends! Having our Yoga classes can really benefit the children in many positive ways 🙂

Back in our classroom, we sat for our afternoon group time with Miss Leesa. We played a matching puzzle game which required their memory and concentration skills. We were super surprised with how well our little friends did and how much they enjoyed using their brains!

Soon it was time to get ourselves prepared for lunch and a rest. We practiced our self-help skills as we served our own food today and packed away our dishes and water bottles before making our way to our beds.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a great start to our week 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana