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Happy Monday and welcome to September!

What a lovely start to the week we have had with Kaylee, Ellie and Mia. After a beautiful morning play outside we came into our classroom to find the photo booth from our Father’s Day evening last Thursday still set up with the props. The group ran straight over with Kaylee showing everyone what to do with the props. They had their very own photo shoot saying “Cheese!” to Miss TJ with the camera. For our morning group time Mia chose ‘Teddies go Shopping’ for us to read. We counted the 6 oranges that Baby Teddy grabbed for Mumma Teddy in the story together. Miss TJ also taught us another new song called ‘Hello’ which we clapped along to. We will continue to sing along to our new morning song so we can learn the lyrics.

At activity time Ellie chose the big farm puzzle. She stayed persistent and used her problem solving skills to match up the pictures on each piece. Ellie said “My mum will love this. It’s a moo cow”. When Ellie completed the puzzle all by herself she said “I want to rip it in half so I can do it again”. Well done Ellie!. Kaylee was straight over in the home corner playing and reading her baby doll a book in the teepee. Kaylee then went over to our basket of various animals picking out some and naming them. Kaylee said while holding a whale “Dolphins. And this a mummy ones”.  Our new friend Mia has really been enjoying playing with the doll house. Today while observing her role playing with the figurines she was saying “Making pancakes. Hey this is my side”.

The group were so excited when I told them that we will be making goop. I have noticed the children have loved getting their hands messy in the sand, water and play dough play that we have had over the past few weeks. So for today I thought we could extend on this interest with a new texture called Goop. They joined me on the table and had a look at the three ingredients. Corn flour, water and green food colouring which was chosen by Kaylee. The children all took turns and pouring the ingredients into the tray and then began mixing it all up with their fingers. The slimy and tough substance was so much fun to play with between our fingers and watch as we manipulated it. There was plenty of conversation going around the table.

Kaylee- “What is this. Its like a bath tub. Gooey dinosaur! Don’t eat it okay guys.” (Loved watching it pour and dripp onto her arms)

Ellie- “I’m ready. Its play goo. Gooey hands. Can you see my knuckles and my finger nails” (Enjoyed picking it up and dripping it onto her other hand”

Mia- “Ohhh! That’s Cupcake? Ewww yeah!” (Enjoyed scrunching the goop into her hands and getting her hands stuck and then lifting them up)

Miss TJ put on some dance music for us to let out some energy on the mat. We listened to the Trolls soundtrack and watched each other freestyle dance.

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and a Happy Father’s Day

Miss TJ