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Hello families and happy Monday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Banjo, Alanis, Luca, Poppy, Kezia, Dominic, Rumi, Hudson, Henry, Aria, Nayla, Kezia, Orion and Archie into the room. The children spent the morning outdoors engaging in many types of play including climbing on the obstacles, climbing up and down the treehouse, making cookies in home corner and talking about our weekend with our educators. Before we knew it, it was time for us to come inside for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat together as a room around the camp fire and listened to “The rainbow serpent” dreamtime story. The children were very intrigued, pointing out the frog on each page. We then sang “Innanay Capuana”, which the children loved singing the “choo” part of the song. The children then started speaking about their weekends, we had Hudson, Henry and Dominic who went to a truck show, we had Alanis who had a birthday party with some of her friends, we had Archie who went to the park with mum. Once we found out about everyone’s weekend, we transitioned to the tables where we did a Reconciliation week activity. The children used coloured collage paper to glue onto an Aboriginal flag template. While doing this, we spoke about the differences in people, including different coloured skin, eyes and hair,  and that it is important that we are nice to everyone! Miss Hayley then came for yoga, where our children took part in some heavy breathing, laying on the floor and having the teacher relax our bodies with a meditation fork. The children then used the expanding ball to concentrate on their breathing. After this, we packed away and had a run outdoors, before it was time to head in for lunch and rest time

What a beautiful start to the week we have had!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Aaliyah xx

NOTE: we seem to be having technical difficulties with loading all the photos. I’m so sorry!