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Welcome back to another week in Senior Kindy 😊

This morning we welcomed each other into the yard sharing stories from our weekends and enjoying the outdoor experience chosen for the day. Children’s voice during morning discussion:

Ayla- “I went to sleep in my own bed”

Noah- “I went in the tunnel”

Tate- “Gramps boat”

Zachary-” We went to TV with Mum and go circus”

Emerson- “To movie world”

Macy told us she was feeling a bit hot, and the children all agreed it was time to come inside and have a big drink of water. The children cooled off in the air conditioning enjoying some down time over in book area. We then sat in a big circle and show off our singing skills by singing along to our Hello song. We are getting better each week at knowing the words and actions. Miss TJ then told the Senior Kindy group the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff” but instead of three goats and a troll, Miss TJ used three different sized dinosaur figurines and a large lizard figurine to tell the story. We named it ‘The Three Billy Dinosaurs gruff and the Lizard troll’. Miss TJ used other props such as a block for a bridge, Australian Flag as the water and a match of grass. The children sat beautifully and engaged with the story telling. Miss TJ used different voices for each character and we focused on the sizes small, medium and large, just like from the Goldilocks story.

It was then time for activities. We split the class in half having four children with Miss TJ and four with Mr G, then swapping groups. One group stayed inside playing a bean bag toss game as we would like to focus on the children’s hand eye coordination. The children practiced throwing the bag inside a a cardboard box with square cut outs. The children also enjoyed passing the bean bags to each other.

The other group went on an adventure outside under the shade of the tree where the outdoor play kitchen was. We brought of a trough filled with water, a bunch of flowers we were given this morning to use in our room and pots, pans, spoons etc. The children had an absolute blast experimenting and exploring with the items. They were mixing, squishing, pulling petals off the flower, decorating, smelling, touching! The groups were working together, sharing so nicely and communicating so well! Wow we have such a lovely Senior Kindy class. Children’s voice during water/flower play:

Emerson- “I need some sticks in it to make some pancakes”

Ayla- “I’m making cupcakes. You put ingredients inside them”

Rosie- “I got water, flowers”

Tate- “A whale!”

Zachary- “I got a mixer. We got to get some more”

Noah- “I get some water. Where’s the whale? There it is!”

Hendrix- “I’m making food for you”

We then had a lovely Yoga class with Miss Hayley. The children focused on breathing and we learnt some new yoga stretches called the snake and the dog. Hope you all have a lovely afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Mr G x