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Hello families and happy Monday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Banjo, Dominic, Zilo, Kezia, Nayla, Hudson, Henry L, Luca, Poppy, Orion and we also welcomed our new friend Toby. Welcome Toby!!

Our friends spent their morning in the yard climbing, exploring, role playing and engaging with each other. Once all of our friends had arrived, we made our choo choo train at the door before transitioning indoors for morning tea. After morning tea, we sat on the mat with Miss Bec and spoke about our weekends. Poppy told her friends that she went to Topgolf last night with her family, and how she hit the ball. Hudson told us that he played at the park with his mummy and daddy. Kezia told us that she did lots of fun things. We then started our day with some songs, before transitioning to activities. Outdoors, we had Miss Aaliyah where we did some Easel painting. Indoors, we started our “Ocean and Environment Week”. The children had a sensory rice tray, that was green and blue (water and grass). In the tray, we had some animals and some plastic. Miss Bec spoke to the children about plastic, and how we have to put our rubbish in the bin, otherwise it could end up in the ocean. We spoke about the consequences of what happens if our rubbish goes into the ocean. In the end, the children learnt that we must put our rubbish in the bin and not on the floor. They then spent time, role playing and playing with the rice. We then had a playdough table, where Miss Bec made sticky playdough. We then scattered flour over the table, which the children mixed into the sticky playdough, to eventually make the playdough perfect! We had a messy day today and the children loved it!

What an amazing day we have had!

We are still having technical difficulties with the photos, however we have sent a word document with blog and photos in an email, as well as the photos been printed on our Parent hub, opposite the lockers in the room.

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Aaliyah xx