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Good afternoon everyone!

It is so good to have you all back, happy as ever. We certainly missed you all.

This morning our friends spent their morning outdoors with Pre-Kindergarten. Outdoors, we found the children role playing different games including cooking in the kitchen and playing ninja turtles. Once all of our friends and educators had arrived, we headed indoors where we sat on the mat for a group time.

For group time today, Miss Bec read a book called “all about a recycling truck”. The story explained the process and differences between a recycling and a normal rubbish bin. Then the children went along the journey of what happens to each bit of recycling and what different items can be turned into. The children spoke about how they have a yellow and a red rubbish bin at home. They also recognised that new toys can be made from old toys. The seemed to really enjoy this topic which we will definitely extend on.

After morning tea, we opened up the doors where the children roamed from indoor to outdoor. Indoors, Miss Bec set up a painting experience. Bec painted her own rainbow and placed it on the table for the children to then “copy” and make their own interpretation of it. All children looked at Bec’s rainbow carefully and first recognised the colours involved. They then painted on their own paper. This was great to see the different interpretations of a rainbow. Some of the children were happy to join in on free play with one another, which involved building train tracks, cooking in home corner and playing with the spinner blocks. Some children then decided they wanted to play outdoors, where they played in the sand pit with Miss Alicia, rode the bikes around and made their own fun. Dominic and Hudson loved playing in the garden, playing “adventures” and making “frozen yoghurt”.

Our friends then started to get hungry so we headed indoors for lunch and rest time.

What a beautiful Monday and a great start to welcoming you all back. We thank you so much for your understanding in regards to COVID last week. We appreciate it

Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Alicia x

Just a reminder about lunchboxes: We encourage children to leave lunch boxes at home, as it is starting to become an unfair situation with other children wanting what is in the lunch box. We promise that if your child does not like the food provided, we will find an alternative. Thank you for your understanding.