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Welcome back to Kindy! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Today we welcome a new friend Ayla to Riversdale and in the Senior Kindy room. Ayla was very confident and we were very impressed with how kind and friendly she is. Ayla and her new friends enjoyed a play outside under the shade of the sand pit, building with the large blocks and racing on the bikes.Once inside Ayla got up in front of her class mates who were sitting on the mat and introduced herself. We went around the mat and everyone told Ayla their names. Miss TJ asked the children what they did on the weekend. Children’s responses:

Ayla- I went up the mountain with Dad and Mum

Asher- We have a big Batman toys and peow, peow!

Ellie- Im going to get a Bluey toy from the shops

Milly- Swim in the pool. Someone else blew balloons up.

Kaylee- Monster trucks. Nan and Pops.

The children had some quiet reading time with each other. It was so nice to stand back and listen to them telling stories and having conversations with each other. Before heading off to our activities the children chose ‘The Wonkey Donkey’ story to read as a group. They laughed so much as the story went on and the sentence became even longer and crazier.

Zander asked if we could do some painting today. We thought it would be nice to paint on the big easel. We grabbed plenty of paint colours and put on our art smocks. The children really enjoyed having a variety of colours and painting whatever they chose to paint, They all did an amazing job, it was great to see their creativity sides coming out! The children also enjoyed doing a fine motor collage where they were given a whole heap of stickers for them to peel off and placed on their paper. It was a bit tricky at first to start peeling the back piece of the sticker off but Miss TJ showed them how to use their fingers to pitch a corner of the paper up and then slowly peel off. Once they got it they had so much fun they didn’t want to stop! We also had play dough with cookie cutters and rolling pins and threading beads on the big table. A lot of fine motor focused activities! Ayla was very excited to play with the doll house. She also joined Kaylee over in the home corner to do some role playing in the kitchen and with the baby dolls.

We had our last lesson of Yoga for the year with Miss Gabi. It was nice doing the lesson in our own room today. All of the class got involved and participated in the yoga stretching, songs and games. To finished off the lesson Kaylee got to be a reindeer, wearing antlers on her head. The children took turns at throwing blown up hoola hoops onto the antlers. It was such a fun game!

Hope you have a great afternoon

Reminder: Christmas Party this Thursday 12th December (Rompin Stompin Show)