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HAPPY MONDAY! Welcome back to another week in Senior Kindy.

As it was pouring down with rain we spent the morning inside. Ayla was playing a game where she matched all the orange Domino’s to the orange plate. This gave us an idea for an activity today, thank you for your imagination Ayla.  We had a nice group time on the mat where the children chose a book from our book shelf to quietly read with each other or on their own. Zachary was very kindy and brought in a book to share with his friends which was all about Diggers and Trucks called, ‘Busy Builders’. Zachary stood up in front of the class and told us all about the diggers and different vehicles in the book. Mr G then went through the book with the class. It was great to see the children excited to share their knowledge on the vehicles and stories they may have experienced with diggers etc. Our friends then worked with Mr G to sing ‘Old Mac Donald had a farm’, choosing animals and all sorts of things that might live on the farm and the sounds they make.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACY! Today is Macy’s 3rd birthday. The children all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Macy and came up to Macy to wish her. For Macy’s Birthday we decided to make Birthday crown, using collage and glue paint. Macy was so excited to make her “Princess Crown” she said. Everyone came up to have a turn at decorating their crown. We had green glitter, coloured crepe paper and coloured glue. The children are very keen to try on their crowns once they are dry.

On the other tables we had Ayla’s game where we matched the Dominos with the plates from home corner. Trying to find the matching colours. Mr G then showed the children how we can use domino’s by lining them all up very carefully behind each other and watching them all fall pieced by piece after each other. It was a great cause and effect experience for the children and problem solving when building the line of Dominos. Dinosaurs have been a continuous fun experience for the Senior Kindy children. Today we set up a dinosaur small world environment for the children with leaves, bark, sticks,wooden buttons and all sorts of natural materials for the children to explore in when role playing with their dinosaur.

Yoga with Miss Hayley. Yoga has been a time for Senior Kindy to have fun while focusing on being aware of our bodies and controlling our breathing. Observing the children today we can see how much they love getting involved and enjoy each other’s company.

Before lunch, we extended off our conversations this morning while reading Zachary’s book by watching real footage of diggers, bulldozers and excavators transferring soil and rocks. The children sang along the the song and were amazed by how big the trucks were. We learnt that the people inside and around the areas of the trucks, are required to wear a safety helmet, Hi Vis vest/top and big boots for protection. 

Hope you all have a lovely evening

Miss TJ and Mr G