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Hello families and friends…

Today in the Senior Kindy room we started our celebration of NAIDOC Week. During morning Yarn Time Miss Leesa displayed a beautifully decorated didgeridoo and we discussed that the Aboriginal people make music with this instrument. We then watched a short video on the computer of Uncle Dave playing the didgeridoo so the children could understand the sound the instrument creates. The children were then given the opportunity to paint their own didgeridoo using the recycled cylinders while they had the real didgeridoo on the table as inspiration. Well done friends!

After indulging in some indoor play, we attended our weekly Yoga lesson with Miss Hayley. We all happily participated and used our bodies for lots of different actions.

We then settled in our afternoon yarn time with a new story and got ourselves ready for lunch and rest time. Thank you friends for a good start to our week!

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana