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Welcome to another week in Senior Kindy. Today we also welcome a new friend, Lily into our room. Lily did such an amazing job at her first day at kindy, helping Miss TJ and sharing so lovely with the other children.

Hope you all had lovely weekends. Ellie was very excited to share stories and a photo from her weekend at Movie World. Ellie and her sister Tia took a photo together with some characters from Movie World.  At our morning group time Ellie sat on the chair in front of the class sharing her photo. We then went around the circle holding a special shell introducing our names and our favourite colour. This gave our new friend Lily a chance to learn some of our names and for the class to get to know Lily. Kaylee really came out of her shell today doing the name circle. Great job Kaylee! Children’s voice telling us their favourite colour:

Ellie- “Black”

Mia- “Yellow”

Lily- “White”

Kaylee- “Blue”

Ellie and Kaylee both asked if we could make play dough today for activity time. We sat down as a group at a table with of the ingredients to make play dough. Ellie chose red food colouring for our play dough and then we began added our ingredients into a bowl and mixing it up with a spoon. Then it was time for our hands to get a bit messy. They indeed got very messy as we tried kneading the dough on a layer of flour on the table. After our dough was complete, we added small wood chips, rocks and cups to play with. When asking the children what they were making with the dough, they said:

Ellie- “Beetle”

Mia- “Cupcakes”

Lily- “Castle”

Extending on with the children’s interest in playing doctors that started up last week we added bandages into the doctor’s kit. Everyone had a chance at using the tools and bandages to help the patient. Miss TJ even pretended to be a patient who had hurt her leg walking down the stairs. The doctors were straight onto it calling TJ’s mum, bandaging up the sore leg and making sure everything was okay. Thank you, Doctor Ellie, Doctor Kaylee, Doctor Mia and Doctor Lily. Children’s voice during doctor role playing:

Kaylee- “Does your tummy hurt?”

Mia- “Say ahhh! Put your leg up. Let me help you. It’s all better”

Ellie- “I’ll just put it on your two knees. You’ve got to stay in the office okay TJ!”

Lily was enjoying finding the matching Velcro fruits. She said “I found the other piece”. Lily also found a wrench saying “I have to fix something” and started to fix the baby doll pram.

On the other activity table the children did a collage using all sorts of materials, PVA glue and crayons. They all had a go and were great at grabbing one piece at a time using their creativity to decorate their piece of paper. Lily said hers was “A fire”.

Before lunch Miss Steph read “The Very Cranky Bear” which the children really enjoyed last Friday and again today.

Hope you have a great afternoon

Miss TJ