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Happy Friday! What an awesome week it has been with all of the children together and learning alongside each other 😊

We finished off our week with another outside day with Mr Andrew, Miss Livia and Miss TJ. As we welcomed our friends to kindy the children enjoyed exploring the yard, climbing on the monkey bars, swinging on the big swing and practicing our cutting skills at the craft table with Miss Livia. The children came and sat in a circle under the shade of the tree to play a get to know you game. We asked the children what their names were and what they had for breakfast. Sounds like everyone had a yummy first meal for the day. For morning tea, we gathered in the garden area to enjoy a delicious yogurt and fruit meal. Mr Andrew then read a wonderful and exciting story called the “Monkey Puzzle” which was a great story for the children to engage with Mr Andrew and gave them the opportunity to engage in the story. We asked the children up one at a time to help us identity certain animals and features on the animals. For example, “Can you find the biggest animal?” or “Can you find the animal that has feathers”. What a great group experience!

We then had a change of scenery making our way up to the tree house where we stretched our bodies, ready for the day. Mr Andrew had a special dice that we rolled, and it told us what stretch or exercise to do. Miss Livia set up an awesome group painting experience where we rolled out a long strip of paper and provided the children with all the colours of the rainbow. This is going to look amazing on our wall! As we approach Easter next week, we set up another Easter craft experience. Miss Livia drew some Easter inspired eggs and bunnies for the children to decorate with glitter and paints. Here in the Senior yard we are always focusing on involving the children in recycling experiences and learning. Mr Andrew has been using some bottles and cans to reuse for activities over the past few days. Today we reused cans to make music. The children helped Mr Andrew pour water in the cans up to different levels and then we grabbed a stick to gently hit the cans on the tops and sides, hearing the different sounds. The children were very excited to have a go and playing a song.

To finish off our Fun Friday, Miss TJ invited the children into her classroom to do some dancing! The children requested Frozen, Trolls, Baby Shark and the Freeze dance! A few children grabbed some instruments and danced around with them 😊

Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe!

Miss TJ, Mr Andrew and Miss Livia x