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😊Happy Wednesday! 😊

Only 4 more days until Easter! The children are becoming very excited for Easter time. A few friends shared stories about the Easter Bunny and all the yummy chocolate they will find. To get into the Easter spirit, this morning we had some Easter inspired tunes playing up in the tree house plus some Moana favourites and Miss TJ set up a Easter chicken painting table where the children drew eyes, two legs and a beak, then used a fork as the painting tool to spread the yellow paint around their page to turn their drawing into a fluffy chicken. The children watched Miss TJ demonstrate a technique when using the fork to scrape the paint gently across the paper, giving the spikey/fluffy effect. The children then all had a go and they came out wonderful.

What a lovely morning play with our friends, riding bikes, playing chasing games around the yard and riding bikes around the tracks. During the morning play the children enjoyed some bubbly water play using cups to scoop up the water and pour back into the trough or another cup. It was so much fun having some water play! Miss Jess and Mr Andrew were inviting small groups of children to read stories around the yard. Our friends always seem to enjoy the quiet reading area provided outside. It’s a great way to have some quiet time by ourselves or joined with a friend to use our imagination when telling the stories. We had oil pastels and pens on the drawing table this morning and it was great to see everyone working really hard at their pictures and proud of their achievements.♥

                                                                                      ˜After Morning Tea˜

Mr Andrew did a fun a game where all children had to use their concentration and balancing skills. They all had a bean bag each and balanced it different ways, all did a wonderful job! Then they all participated in another tricky but fun game where they had to spin around really fast then try to place their piece of paper on the floor for them to see if they could stand on it without wobbling or falling over! Despite the dizzy spells all children really loved this and thought it was so much fun. Soon after all children hopped outside for a whirl of fun.

Some children created their Easter chicks while other friends soared back and forward into to the wind on the swing. The dolls house and tree house were quit a hit today.♥ With all the fun had time was flying by and before we knew it, it was time for lunch!!

All children washed their hands and joined together underneath the tree for a picnic. When all tummies were nice and full the sleepers went to Senior Kindy to rest and reenergize their bodies and minds for this afternoons journey. The non sleepers went to the Kindergarten room to explore some quiet activities. ♥

This afternoon a very special visitor came early to say hello before the big weekend!!! THE EASTER BUNNYYYYY!! WOW. All children were blown away with excitement! The Easter bunny gave lots of cuddles and BIG high fives and shared how excited he/she is to visit them all in 4 days!

The afternoon was filled with laughter, happiness, joy and fun.

On behalf of the bottom center we want to say THANK YOU to Harper’s mum and Emerson’s mum for the tasty treats, we all appreciated them and want to say thank you for being so thoughtful it means a lot. ♥

Thank you all for today and we will see you soon.

Miss Jess, Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Mr Andrew.♥