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Happy Friday

Welcome to May

Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy had lots of fun together today, interacting positively and being kind to one another. This morning we could find the children creating in the sand pit, running around the yard, using the water pump, writing letter on the chalk board and exploring the garden. We had a delicious yogurt and fruit morning tea before finding our way inside to sit in a circle on the mat, taking turns to introduce ourselves and tell everyone what our favourite food is. There were a lot of pasta and cheese lovers!

Today’s activities were chosen by the group. Maia asked if we could do some drawing. Our friend Harper LOVED using scissors the other day, so we decided to add them to our drawing table as well. Harley asked if we could bring out the puppets and Ellie asked if we could do face painting. Great choices to have fun on our Friday.

The art table was very busy with everyone wanting a turn at the scissors. Harper and Conall were very engaged with the scissor cutting, sometimes needing a bit of guidance from Miss TJ but otherwise the two stayed very persistent and had lots of fun. Hendrix has become so good and confident at cutting with scissors. Today he cut the paper into tiny little piece which was amazing fine motor skills.  Latika was enjoying the chalk pastels to colour her page with, she was also naming some of the chalk colours she was using such as pink and orange.

Ivy, Ellie and Harvey were role playing by the doll house, having cute conversations while using their dolls to move around the house. Maia was working hard over by the shopping station in the home corner. Miss TJ bought some food and placed it on the counter. Harper was smiling her way through the game and especially loved it when Miss TJ passed her the money.

The most exciting part of the day was getting our faces painted. The children all new what they wanted to get and which colours they wanted. They were all full of smiles and screams of excitement when they checked out their face paint in the mirror. We played Disney soundtracks over the speaker for us to sing along to while playing.

To calm our bodies down we lay down on the mat looking up at the room. Miss TJ and Miss Danna came around gently laying a light blanket over the children’s bodies and sliding them down. The educators then used a bigger sheet to lift up and down over the children like a parachute effect. They absolutely loved watching the colours of the blanket move up and down and feeling the nice breeze over their bodies.

Everyone was ready for a nice relaxing sleep.

Hope you all enjoy your long weekends.

Miss TJ and Miss Danna