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Happy Thursday!

We are all in this together!!

We started our day with a beautiful sunny morning play for the children to explore the outdoors together. Senior Kindy, Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten were having so much fun playing with different friends today. It was amazing to see their interaction 😊 They are really wonderful children. The sand pit was busy today. The children loved to play on the monkey bars and the little swings, jumping from the top of the tunnel and making sandcastles with the buckets and different moulds. Asher, Zander and Wyatt were doing an amazing job at the monkey bars as they held onto the bars with one hand and swinging their body and grabbing onto the next bar. Great work! The monkey bars are a great way for children to develop their gross motor skills and visual hand eye co-ordination.

Mariah and Ellie were very kind and taking care with Latika. They were helping her through the playground, holding her hands and pretending they were older sisters, it was so cute!!! Latika enjoyed the older girl’s company. They played together the all day.

Mr Andrew taught some kids how to change nappies and clothes with baby dolls. Colton, Mariah, Ellie, Latika, Asher and Zander were taking care of the babies, putting them to sleep, given the bottles etc. Playing with dolls can provide important growth for children, learning responsibility (taking care of a doll by playing and learning this skill they will be able to care for their pets, or help their parents with their younger siblings)

Miss TJ made a beautiful rainbow to represent that “We are all in this together”. We invited to the children to stamp their hands onto the rainbow to involve the children into the wonderful sign to display at kindy. We all worked together to complete the project and it came out beautifully. It was also a lot of fun getting our hands painted being a sensory activity that improves fine motor skills, strengthens finger and hand muscles and helped them to focus.

  Miss Livia and Miss TJ also invited the children to do an Easter egg potato painting. Miss TJ cut a potato in half and also cut patterns into the potato. We then squished a fork into each half and dipped them into some paint. The children picked up the forks and stamped the Easter egg potato all over their page. The children loved it!

The children mostly enjoyed exploring the yard together and engaging with each other in games and role playing.

Before lunch Mr. Andrew had a group time and read the Kindergarten and Pre kindy’s favourite book, “What is more scary” to all friends. Together we washed our hands and had a delicious Nachos and salad lunch before a relaxing rest time.

Hope you al have a great afternoon

Written by Miss Livia

Miss Livia, Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and Miss TJ 😊