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Good afternoon to all our Pre-Kindy and Senior-Kindy families, we were very happy today with this beautiful sunny day.

Today we started our day playing outdoor in the sandpit with our friends. Maia, Willow and Hendrix took advantage of this opportunity by having fun together on the monkey bars. Ivy, Asher and Zander dug a large hole in the sand to hide their treasures and later they sat inside and cover them self.

During this week we are learning about expressions (happy, sad, angry etc). Expressing emotions in childhood is extremely important, and learning the differences between them will contribute positively to our emotional health. That’s why we worked with the kids showing them all the expressions and asking them to copy us. They loved and they are very good at it.

To extend this acknowledgment, we had a collage activity sticking papers and other objects to make beautiful colorful faces.

Miss Livia introduced the children to the game “Find which animal I am!” Miss Livia was doing some actions and the kids had to say which animal she was doing and after that they had to copy her. Our friends quickly understood the rules, and they laughter a lot in the classroom.

Today after our sleep time Maia showed her friends how to fold the sheets, that was very helpful to make them understand that they can and should take care of their spaces and belongings and to develop organizational skills.

Another activities that we had today:

  • Small wooden block construction
  • Painting
  • Learning about insets and bugs
  • Playing musical instruments

We hope you enjoy today’s blog and photos.

Have a lovely evening.

Lots of love Miss Livia XX