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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog 😊

Another beautiful Autumn morning play for our Senior and Pre Kindy children. Asher, Zander and Willow were doing some amazing drawings on the easel outside. Emerson and Millicent were enjoying the colourful soft blocks, finding the matching colours when putting the pieces together. Millicent also joined her friend Ivy to build the train track. They had to use their problem-solving skills to join up the track. Asher and Zander were having fine doing gross motor activities. Asher balancing on the obstacle course and Zander throwing a ball up in the air and trying to catch it. Miss Gabi brought out some bubbles for us to run around and pop while we welcomed more friends to kindy.

Coming inside we learnt about our EMOTIONS, following on from yesterday. Today we went through the emotions cards to name the feeling. Arlo has a great memory and told us that on of the feelings cards was, “frustrated”. We learnt the word ‘Astonished’ which means amazed or impressed with something you see. The class loved pulling the faces of what they thought each emotion looked like. We then listened and watched a short clip on Emotions which spoke about all the feelings you might feel and that it is okay to feel that way. Transitioning off to some more outdoor play, the children practiced some self-help skills by rubbing in their own sunscreen. They then were invited to place an emotion card onto the matching circle, just like we did yesterday. Great matching everyone!

Our friend Emerson and his Mum told us about the rock pets they made at home. Extending off their experience we decided to make our very own rock pets at kindy. Miss TJ brought some rocks from her garden; we gathered some paint and sequins for the eyes. Emerson ran straight over to the painting table, inviting some friends with him to get started on their rock painting. Emerson told his friends about the ones he made at home. While the children painted their pet rocks, we had discussions on any family pets that they may have at home.

Senior and Pre Kindy loved playing a game with Miss Livia up in the tree house where Miss Livia was a tiger chasing them around. The children were having a BLAST and couldn’t stop laughing and squealing. The friends also had fun in the sandpit, feeling to cool sand as they dug deeper and deeper, using our muscles to hold onto the rope climb and racing around the hill running and riding the bikes.

Hope you have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia 😊