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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a Thriving Thursday!

As our day began, we played amongst our outdoor yard while we greeting one anther into Kindy today 🙂

Once we made the transition inside, we joined for our morning group time with Miss Leesa as she welcomed everyone for the day. We also sang our Good Morning songs and read a brand new story book that she had for us! We then made the transition into the bathroom to wash hands thoroughly for Morning tea. We do this every morning to maintain a routine and allow the kids to adapt and create smoother transitions 🙂

After re-energizing our bodies with some fresh Morning tea, we all explored our favorite areas and toys that the classroom has to offer! There was lots of paper and gluing for a collaging activity as we love anything arts and craft! And we also loved play-dough today and making our very own play-dough animals and birthday cakes. The children really do let their imaginations run wild in the Senior Kindy classroom!

We then got a visit from Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN lesson. We split into two groups and happily participated in today’s lesson. Thank you Mr Daniel.

It was then time for us all to use our self-help skills and help pack away, so that we could sit on the mat for our afternoon group time with all of Senior Kindy’s educators and friends before lunch and rest time.

Thank you everyone for today 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Jade