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Good afternoon friends amd families,

This morning we welcomed Parker, Ella, Luca, Dominic, Zahra, Hunter, Goku, Kennedy and Lachlan into the yard. This morning, the children showed great interest in the home corner, they enjoyed walking from the water bubbler, to the sandpit and back to the kitchen to make their mud which was their “food”. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors where we sat down for group time. Today for group time, we read “ducks away” and sang the wheels on the bus.

After morning tea, the children asked to play doctors again, so we got out the doctors set, the drawing utensils and the playdough. Dan then came and led us in our weekly Arakan Martial Arts. The children did really well and listened really well, they really enjoy kicking and moving their bodies around. We then came back inside where we played in the home corner, making Different foods and even feeding the babies.

We then headed outdoors for a run around, before it was time to come inside for lunch and sleep.

Note: Miss Bec will be away tomorrow, however Miss Deb and Miss Leesa will be here.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx