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Happy Thursday families and friends…

What a wonderfully busy day of fun, learning and play in Senior kindy room today. This morning Harper requested the ABC floor puzzle for her and her friends Connor, Alek, Christopher and Taran. The children worked collaboratively together to sing the ABC rhyme with  Miss Leesa as the children took turns identifying the letters and pictures and piecing the puzzle together. Connor said, ‘look Miss Leesa we did it’ as he proudly pointed to the completed puzzle. Connor and Harper then worked as a team to pack the puzzle away as Harper held the box and Connor carefully placed all the pieces back in the box. Lachlan and Christopher worked together to set up transport play this morning. The children stretched out the large car mat and then collected the emergency stations. Miss Leesa added the transport lego set to the children’s play as Connor, Cohen, Alek and Christopher joined in to design and construct transport vehicles with the lego.

Today we also continued on with easel painting as Latika requesting ‘painting please’ The children utilised the fluro paint pens as Miss Leesa demonstrated how to squeeze the pens and then spread the paint on the page.  Taran identified her painting as a ‘rainbow’ as she said, ‘can I do another one Miss Leesa?’ Cohen, Alek and Harper patiently waited for their turn to use the fluro paints as they helped each other put on their paint shirts. Great helping friends! Yarn Time today we shared felt stories on the mat as the children excitedly gathered near the felt board making requests. Today we sang along to ’10 Red Apples’ as the children helped count the apples on the tree and picked their own apple ‘to take home for tea’. This experience was further extended as we shared one of our favourite stories entitled ‘My Daddy ate an Apple’. The children really enjoy singing along to the song throughout the story and sharing their thoughts and ideas as they express their opinions and study the pictures.

The children were then keen to release some energy so we had a turn of sleeping bunnies, dingle dangle scarecrow, I’m a little teapot, hokey pokey and ring-a-rosey. The children then played follow-the leader around the room as we practiced jumping, skipping, side steps, walking on tip toes, marching and walking backwards… The children then washed their hands and made their way to the table for lunch.

Other play experiences  today included drawing on the whiteboards, role play with the zoo and farm animal felts, doll house play, sharing story books on the pillows and grocery shop play.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Otavia