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Hello Families!
This morning we welcomed Hunter, Rumi, Ella, Parker, Luca, Lachlan, Zahra, Goku, Finley and Dominic into the room. We started the morning indoors where we had car painting and finger painting set up. The children really enjoy this sensory play and using their fingers to feel different textures. Once Miss Bec and all of our friends had arrived, we sat down for a group time where we read “we are going on a bear hunt” and sang “bee bee bumble bee” before washing our hands and sitting down  at the table.
After morning tea, the children enjoyed making slime/goop. The children took turns of pouring and mixing water and corn flour in a bowl, the children once again loved the gooey feeling between their fingers,  moving it around in their hands. Some of us also enjoyed playing with blocks and cars and trucks, moving them around the room and on different tracks. We then headed outdoors where we had some fun in the mud, made some mud cakes and even had a dance party on the treehouse. We then did some martial arts with Dan, which we always love! Kicking and punching different bags and practicing different martial art poses.
It was then time for us to head indoors where we gave our hands a quick wash and sat down for some lunch.

happy Thursday!
Miss Bec and Miss Alliyah xx