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Happy Thursday!

13 more sleep until Christmas

Today has been a very exciting day as all of the children are looking forward to the Christmas party this evening. This morning we had another group chat together on the mat while drinking some water and relaxing in the cool air con after a warm run around in the yard. We then grabbed some musical instruments, singing and playing the instruments along to some Christmas tunes.

We joined Daniel in the outside fort to have our Martial Arts lesson. The children practiced their hand eye coordination catching a small ball and throwing it back to Daniel.

Today we did lots of craft! As the children have enjoyed doing threading with the big beads and laces we extended on this by threading beads on pipe cleaners and turning them into candy canes. The challenge was to make a pattern using red then white then red then white. The children also had fun with a stamp activity using Christmas themed stamps and pushing them into green and red sponges. Zander asked if we could have the play dough again today. We added the Christmas cookie cutters, rolling pins and scissors.

Senior Kindy also chose to play with the match box cars on the paper road and shop in the home corner.

Hope to see you all this evening

Reminder: Please collect your present that is on the shelf by the front door of the Senior Kindy room. Your children have worked so hard and made you beautiful presents made with LOVE!

Miss TJ