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Happy Thursday!

The wonderful sun was out this morning for the children to explore the outdoors. Senior Kindy were having so much fun playing follow the leader, walking over the rock bridge and around the yard. Connor and Ayla were investigating the bugs in the garden when they noticed some of the leaves had been eaten around the corners. Ayla said, “The caterpillars have eaten the leaves”. Connor was on a search to find some more leaves that had been eaten by the very hungry caterpillar. Hendrix and Emerson were working together to build with the large blocks. They balance a few square blocks on top of each other testing their problem-solving skills. Harvey was enjoying riding the bikes around the track with the Kindergarten children. Cohen invited his friends over to the fence to wave goodbye to his Dad. He was very brave!

Coming inside we sat together on the mat having our quiet reading time before researching caterpillar’s eating leaves. The children were fascinated by the colours on the caterpillars. The clip showed us a butterfly standing on the leaves too. A few children pointed out that caterpillars turn into butterflies. We then researched a clip on a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. We learnt that the caterpillar goes upside down and wraps himself into a cocoon.

Extending on our bug finding we placed the colourful toy bugs on the table to play a colour matching game. The children were very excited to find caterpillars and butterflies in the mix of bugs. Senior Kindy are getting so clever at their colours and matching items.

Miss Nads was very kind and froze some flowers in water for the children to explore with. We added the frozen flowers to a large trough for the children to feel and experiment with. We also added eye droppers in food colouring bowls so the children could practice their fine motor squeezing the tubes and splashing the coloured water over the ice to watch the colours mix and slowly melt the ice. The children were enjoying getting the flowers out of the ice as it melts.

The group also enjoyed the diggers and tuck sand trough again and role playing with the new doll house.

We had our Arakan Martial Arts lesson with Mr Dan practicing our hand eye coordination catching/ throwing a soft toy and learning our left and rights.
Before lunch the children were very excited to listen to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story by Eric Carle.

The rain is back so we will be enjoying each other’s company in our classroom this afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Mr G 😊