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We were all happy little vegemites today in the Senior Kindy room with just a small group of three friends. This morning Chihiro and Kaylee played us some wonderful songs using the drums. Zahra was smiling as she was pushed on the swing by some of the kindergarten friends!

Inside on the mat we sang our ‘Hello’ song, welcoming each other to another day. We then introduced ourselves to the class telling everyone our name and how old we are. Miss TJ introduced the newest member of our classroom, the sloth teddy. First I asked the group what the sloths name should be. It was between Sam, Sally or Bob, but in the end Bob was the winner. Bob the Sloth is our traveling teddy who will be going on adventures to everyone’s home. Photos could be taken and placed into Bob’s scrapbook for us to read through during kindy. This is a great experience for the children as they can share what they did on the weekend, on a holiday or even a week night. Please let me know when you would like to take Bob the Sloth home with your child and I will write it in the calendar. When I explained this to the children they were all so excited and said “Can I take him home?”

It was then time for Arakan Martial Arts with Daniel. The group warmed up by having races to the fluffy toys and back. We practiced a number of routines such as putting our hands on our heads, high five Daniel’s gloves with left hands then right hand.

At activity time Chirhiro, Kaylee and Zahra all ran over to the home corner. They noticed that there was now a coffee machine and a Tea party set. Chihiro and Zahra were making Miss TJ a meal in the kitchen. Chihiro said “More coffee coming up”. Zahra said “I’m cooking dinner for the party”.  Kaylee said “Please can we play with the Doctors” so I went over to the sick bed and told Doctor Kaylee I hurt my hand. Kaylee grabbed the bandage and began wrapping my hand. She then used the scissors and said “I’ve got scissors in here…Done”. Zahra and Chihiro then packed up the tea party set and some food, packed it in the trolley and walked around the room singing “We’re going to a party!”

Following on from our group discussions where we have been telling the class our name and something about us, today we did an About Me painting. We brought out all of the paint colours and I asked the children to paint themselves. After I asked them what their name was, how old they are, whats their favourite colour and what do they like playing with. This was a great activity to follow as it helps them to develop knowledgeable and self confident identities.

Before lunch Zahra shared her bubbles that she brought ion for us to play with. Thank you Zahra! we had a lovely shaded play in the sandpit. Kaylee was finding lots of treasures in the sandpit. Zahra was making dinner while Chihiro was making a wonderful cup of coffee.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ