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It’s Thursday! What wild wild weather we have had today. The children have been very excited about listening and watching the rainy and stormy weather outside. This morning the children wanted to sit by the back door and observe the rain. While watching the rain we heard a siren going off down the road. We watched a big Fire Truck drive by. Harvey said “It’s going to put out the fire”. We extended on our observation by watching a short educational clip on firetrucks and fire fighter by Blippi. We learnt how the fire fighters get ready for an emergency in all of their gear and the special buttons and rolls on the fire truck.

We had our fun Arakan Martial Arts lesson with Mr Dan before we made a large cubby house out of a parachute and blankets. The children were so excited to get into the cubby house. We danced and sang along to the wiggles, the fairies and George Ezra music while playing along with instruments and ribbons.

The children also played with the play dough and the tools and Cohen chose a construction activity for the last table.

We had a lovely rest at rest time and were excited to be picked up early from our parents

Miss TJ and Mr G x