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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Gabriella, Hunter, Rumi, Everly, Lachlan, Finley, Dominic and Parker into Senior kindy.  We spent the morning outdoors where we climbed up and down the tree house, rode bikes around, played connect four with our friends, spent time cooking in the kitchen and running around with our friends from Pre Kindy and Kindergarten. Once we had a big play outside, we ventured inside where we at on the mat for grouptime. Miss TJ led us in grouptime where we stretched our bodies, sang “wheels on the bus” and, “if your happy and you know it”. The children loved doing their sad, happy and excited faces.

After grouptime, the children spent the rest of the morning having free play while Miss Bec and Miss Deb were out of the room. Finley and Lachlan enjoyed playing with cars on the car mat while Hunter, Everly, and Parker did lots of drawing using the pastels and crayons. Hunter loved the crayons! Dominic them arrived and invited Parker and Lachlan to role play with the dinosaurs with him.

We had a great day today!
Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx