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Happy Thursday families and friends…

What a wonderful day of fun, learning and play in the Senior Kindy room today. The children were excited to transition indoors for morning tea and indoor experiences. Connor requested the ‘Happy Birthday Peppa’ story book again for yarn time as he swiftly reminded all his friends that he will be celebrating his 3rd birthday very soon. The children all gathered on the mat to listen and interact with the story as they counted the candles on the birthday cake and identified all the fun presents Peppa received from his friends…To further extend on this interest Miss Leesa collected some fresh playdough and resources and the children set about making their very own birthday cakes, using colourful paddle pop sticks as candles. Miss Leesa displayed Peppa pig’s birthday cake from the story as inspiration for the children to make their own. The children all joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Connor and then pretended to blow out the candles on their playdough cakes. The children then utilised the rolling pins and wooden hammers to flatten their dough and make patterns with the hammers.

Harper, Cohen and Christopher enjoyed role play in home corner. Miss Leesa collected the cupcakes and tea set requested by Christopher and the children pretended to be little bakers, cooking their cupcakes. Harper observed that all the cupcakes had different coloured icing and when she broke the cupcakes in half she discovered all different shapes. The children then placed the cupcakes in the baskets and pretended to go shopping. Lachlan helped Miss Leesa set up the transport play today and Connor and Christopher quickly joined in to race the emergency vehicles down the ramp and onto the car mat. We all sang ‘Hurry, hurry drive the fire truck’ as we played.

Other play experiences today included sorting and matching the animal magnets on the whiteboard, puzzle play, weighing the bugs and insects in the bucket scales and sharing storybooks in bookcorner.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa