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Happy Thursday

This morning we had a lovely play outside. Asher and Zander and enjoyed cooking in the sandpit. Asher said they were making a “cake”. Kaylee was also in the sandpit but playing with a Pre kindy friend, Mariah. Zahra and Ellie had fun playing a game of ‘whats the time Mr Wolf’ before making their way to the big swing. Chihiro invited her friends to come and have a big drinks of water. Great idea Chi! Inside the children enjoyed the juicy oranges pretending that the oranges were their smiles.

At group time I invited the children up one at a time to point to an emotion that they are feeling today using flashcards. Most of our friends felt HAPPY today. A few friends told us they were feeling angry but had the biggest smile on their faces. To extend on our feelings discussion we read a story called ‘Emotion in Motion’ which goes through the emotions such as anger, loneliness, happiness and love and tell us the colours of those feelings and what it looks like. For example Happiness is like strokes of yellow. Following on from the story the children participated in some painting. We grabbed all the paint colours and put on our art smocks. The children chose the colours that they wanted to use to express their feelings through colour. At the end we folded the papers in half and watched the magic happened. The colours had mixed together forming beautiful pieces of art.Their faces lit up when they saw the outcome of their pictures!

We played with the animals on the grass mat again today. We added sticks, rocks and pine cones to the play with as well. Our fairy table was also very popular as the children really love role playing and telling stories. On the other table the children practiced threading with a shoelace through pictures of cars, trains and leaves. The children did an amazing job at staying persistent and pushing the lace through the holes and pulling them out on the other side. Our fine motor skills are getting better each day!

Our Arakan martial arts class was lead by Shaun as Dan was away sick today. We made a circle on the grass outside and show Shaun how great we are getting at our blocks and high five hits into the glove. We also practiced our hand eye coordination, catching the glove and throwing it back.

Since Riversdale junior building is getting a revamp there has been a lot of diggers, trucks and builders going passed. Today we watched on as a bulldozer was parked on the other side of the fence. We also witnessed a whole lot of dirt being dumped into a large truck. It was very exciting and it started a conversation on the different types of vehicles.

We had a fun dance off to Trolls, Frozen and The Fairies playlist before getting ready for lunch!

Hope you all had a great day

Miss TJ