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Welcome to Thursday!

Today in Senior Kindy we had 7 smiley children. Taran, Zachary, Hendrix, Cohen, Ayla, Harvey and Connor!

The children all watched with excitement as the rain poured down outside, making puddles of water on the floor. Ayla said “I’ve got muddy boots. Jump in puddles”. Hendrix looked over to his friends and said, “It’s raining”. Zachary replied saying, “the rain popped”. The rain didn’t stop us from having fun inside 😊

We packed away ready for some morning tea when the children wanted to help wipe down the tables.  They were given a wet wipe and did an amazing job at cleaning the tables and chairs.

For our morning group time we sang our ‘Hello’ song and then used the tambourine to shake and pass around the circle, introducing ourselves to everyone! It is very cute how the children get excited to say hello to their friends. They are getting more and more confident each day to talk in front of the group. We then transitioned off to activity time…

We finished painting the last sheets of paper for our family tree using black and brown paint to cover the paper. The children loved using the thick brushes and were really focusing on filling in the white spaces with the paint. The family tree is going to look very good once complete with family photos and being displayed in our hallway.

The children enjoyed moulding play dough with their hands and also using rolling pins, cookie cutters and dough scissors. While we were playing today Mr G put on some background music. We noticed the children jumping and bouncing around to the beat, so we put on some dance music and the children all made their way to the big mat, showing off their dance moves and playing the tambourine to the music.

Before lunch Miss TJ read, ‘Piranhas don’t eat banana’s’ which was a bit of a funny story and we all had a giggle together. Senior Kindy have been doing a great job at practicing their whole body listening when at group times. Today they all showed off their amazing sitting skills and wanted us to take a photo.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G