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Good Afternoon Friends,

This morning we welcomed our friends who spent the morning in the yard, throwing balls around, throwing the basketballs into the hoop, giving lots of cuddles to their educators and climbing on the undercover obstacle course. Once all of our class had arrived, we heard Miss Bec call “Senior Kindy, its morning tea time”, which made us all run to the door, go inside and sit on the mat. Before morning tea, we sang hello how are you and spoke about what we had for dinner, before washing our hands and sitting down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat for group time. For group time today, Miss Bec rolled a dice that has different actions on it. For example, hands on head, do 5 star jumps and point to the ceiling. The children really enjoyed waiting for what action was going to roll. They then star jumped over to the floor where we started our science activity. For today’s activity we did “raining clouds”. This activity involved filling a plastic container with water, then having the children help put shaving cream on top of the water. They then used pipettes to squeeze up blue food colouring and putting it on top of the shaving cream. The children then watched the reaction, which looked like a cloud raining, as the blue went through the cream into the water. This was magical and the children were all screaming “do it again, do it again. On another table, we had children playing with magical sand and their animals. moving them around and making animal noises. We also had magnetic fishing puzzles, where the children used a magnetic rod to complete a puzzle.

We also had our weekly Arakan lesson today and had a couple of dance parties as the children just love this so much!

Reminder: Miss Bec will be away next week, please ask Miss Aaliyah or Tayla any questions or concerns you may have.

Sorry, we are having some technical difficulties again with the photos. Im sorry!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Jin x