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Good Afternoon friends and families! I arrived to Riversdale with a big warm welcome from the lovely Senior Kindy. The children are always so kind and give me a huge hug in the mornings. This morning they were enjoiying each others company and the company of the children in the other classes. Chihiro was having a play with Angelina, spotted pictures in the clouds and investigating the sand pit. Asher, Zander and Jaxon were practicing their balance on the grass hill and our new climbing cage which they were pretending it was a jail. Zahra and Ellie were smiling away on the big swing. Kaylee was making me giggle looking through her legs on the fort before sliding down the twirly wirly slide. Mia and Jaxon noticed the “Big Digger” across the car park that was starting our junior yard renovations.

Inside we praticed our ‘Listening Lucy’ sitting on the mat while Miss TJ read us the story, “The three little pigs and the big bad wold”. The children have been showing great interest in this story during play time by turning it into a game of role play. We sang our ‘Hello’ song and then the children chose to sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.  The children then practiced their counting to 10 using their fingers while singing ’10 little Indians’.

At activity time we continued to play with Lego and Play dough from yesterday as the children seemed to really enjoy it. The Lego is a great learning activity for the children as they use their fine motor skills and imagination to create. Children’s voice:

Chihiro- I’m making the little pigs house

Asher- It’s a car in the house. Look the hose is up high

At the Play dough table we added a whole bunch of play dough tools where the children could cut, roll and slice the dough with. Children’s voice:

Zander- This is a volcano

Ellie- Look it’s like a banana. You can actually smell it!

Our friend Jaxon asked if we could play with the train set again. We placed the box on the floor and the children worked together with Miss Gabby to create a big track. The children were using their problem solving skills and persistence to figure out the track. Children’s voice:

Jaxon- (Making car sound). This one! (Tried connecting two track pieces together) It didn’t work. (Miss Gabby then helped Jaxon find the correct piece)

Mia and Kaylee played together at the doll house mat, role playing families. Children’s voice:

Kaylee- Sorry babies, Sorry babies. Lets go upstairs.

Mia- Aww got to take baby. I go to New Zealand.

The children enjoyed their Arakan Martial Arts lesson today, running off some energy and getting really clever at their martial arts patterns. We came back inside for a dance to ‘Baby Shark’ which was chosen by Chihiro and then practiced our belly breathing to get ready for our yummy Nacho lunch. (Which all of the children absolutely loved!)

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ