Hello families,

Hope you have been enjoying your Thursday!

After playing outside and waiting for all our friends to arrive, we transitioned inside for our morning group time with Miss Tatyana. We welcomed one another and sang our Acknowledgement to Country as well as some of our favorite songs!

Following that, it was time for us to find our water bottles and seats at the tables to have some refreshing morning tea.

After participating in our weekly lesson of ARAKAN martial arts with Mr Daniel, we then enjoyed some inside play amongst our newly rearranged room! We love our little areas for each activity. There is a home corner with dress ups and the kitchen, a whole puzzle area and table, the reading corner filled with our favorite books and some cushions, and our construction and car mat which includes our building blocks, train tracks, car mats, stations and all of our cars and trucks! We love the new setup!

We where then lucky enough to engage in a fun new activity thanks to Nadine 😊 We sat at the tables and enjoyed a little sensory activity of saving some animals from being trapped with all the colorful tape! We love using our imaginations and being hands on! Thanks so much Miss Nadine 😊

After putting together our new car track and roads and racing around on it, we got the opportunity to enjoy another sensory activity; Play-dough! We got some new purple and yellow play-dough and had fun creating some shapes and objects with our stencils, feathers and paddle pop sticks. Some of our friends pretended to make a birthday cake with the sticks and feathers, while others enjoyed making some cool shapes!

Soon it was time for a big lunch and to rest our little bodies!

Today has been such a fun filled day with some new and fun experiences for us each to enjoy! We absolutely love seeing them all engage, be encouraged and stimulated in activities within their classroom environment!

See you all soon!

With Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana